A Portal to the End of the World

Artist: Galadriel González Romero, 2nd year MA Fine Art student
Location: Hulduland, LHÍ Laugarnes
Opening: February 9th, 16:00 - 18:00
Also open: General hours for the rest of the exhibition (February 10th - 18th) Tuesdays to Fridays from 13-17 or by appointment (please contact gala22 [at] lhi.is if you want to come on a weekend/morning)
Fifty years ago on a summer Sunday, Akureyri experienced its hottest temperature in recorded history, 29,4ºC. As summers get hotter, this record will become the norm in Iceland around the year 2300.
What will happen to plants, worms, humans, mushrooms, moss, elves, and the soil? Who will survive the climate apocalypse?
The Akureyri Botanical garden is one of the three northernmost gardens in the world, experiencing one of the most amplified increases of heat in the global botanical garden network. During this exhibition, a patch of ground from the garden is time travelling to 29,4ºC, reliving that hot 23rd of June from its past, and visiting its impending future. Soon, it will be back in our present year, and return to its place in the Akureyri botanical garden to inform the garden’s inhabitants of what it has learned, and prepare them for what is to come.
The starting point of my practice is the relationships between humans, the ecosystems they inhabit, and who they share them with. In response to our world undergoing ecological collapse, I use elements of folklore, natural sciences, science fiction, and ground-specific research to speculate on possible futures for a climate endangered existence.
Warnings: Infrared light and heat.