‘Teem’ is a celebration of eight different women and the inner dynamics of their sisterhood. The teeming force within them propels them into different structures and landscapes. Their energy is reflected in forces of nature with its source of life, conflicts, perseverance, and cycles. They rise as mountains, harden as lava and break like ocean waves. They are the earth and the air, the water and the fire, the calm and the storm.   
Choreographer: Anna Kolfinna Kuran in close collaboration with the dancers  
Composer & Sound designer: Ida Schuften Juhl  
Costume & Set designer: Guðný Hrund Sigurðardóttir  
Costume designer & maker: Mao Alheimsdóttir  
Lighting Designer: Valdimar Jóhannsson   
Video Visuals: Katerina Blahutova  
Photographer: Antje Taiga Jandrig 
Heartfelt thanks to: Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson, Saga Sigurðardóttir, Hrafnhildur Einarsdóttir, Elín Signý Weywadt Ragnarsdóttir  


In a world rank with anticipation and regret, somewhere between hope and revenge lies The Pond.   
Take a step back into the future as you witness events that are none of your damn business.    
Choreographers: Cameron Corbett & Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon  
Movement & text inspired by collaboration with the performers.  
Lighting Designer & Sound: Valdimar Jóhannsson   
Costumes: Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon & Cameron Corbett  
Music: Tchaikovsky, Cage, Saint-Saëns  
Photographer: Antje Taiga Jandrig 
Pondering is a part of the research project Svannavatnið which received funding from the Professional Performance Art Groups Fund  
Eight women, eight dancers, eight swans, eight craters. Together they come to light as a force of nature – a well of embodied knowledge and spunk, every one a unique voice ready to share their strength and wonders with us.
These eight women, dancers, swans, craters in the spotlight are graduate students of Contemporary Dance Practices, an international three-year BA education that supports students in developing their talents through technical, creative, theoretical and interdisciplinary practices. The graduating group greets you here in this moment in time, by the lakeside, but be aware dear guests of the powerful spirals that move in what may seem a pretty pond. What transformative forces a tender song may unearth.
During their studies the dancers have been confronted in ways that we have not faced before in the history of Icelandic University of the Arts. They have been challenged to call on all their resilience, will power and courage as a global pandemic has reminded us of the precarity of our habitual conditions and livelyhoods. For the graduate students of 2021 the frame and facilities of their studies have been compromised, but their passion has persisted. What we have also been reminded of with great impact is that the vitality of our communities relies on bodily connection, beauty, empathetic relation and expression. I am immensely proud of these eight women who are here to affirm their dedication, here to spring back from the past, to shower us with hope, spark thought and kindle our humaneness as they  present to us two powerful dance works by contemporary choreographers Anna Kolfinna Kuran, Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon and Cameron Corbett. 
We are pleased to welcome you to celebrate these emerging dance artists. I invite you to pay attention to what is expressed and lived through – danced – on the stage, for their dance carries a clear message: We are bodies, we show up, we move landscapes, we transform, we have the skills, determination and guts to meet history and make it ours.  
- Saga Sigurðardóttir, Associate Professor and programme director.
Graduating students:
Amanda Líf Fritzdóttir
Anna Guðrún Tómasdóttir
Bjartey Elín Hauksdóttir
Júlía Hrafnsdóttir
Júlía Kolbrún Sigurðardóttir
Karitas Lotta Tulinius
Mathilde Mensink
Sanna Josefiina Hirvone