Pillow Talk - Sonja Kovacevic

Do you ever wonder what life is like as an asylum seeker or refugee in Iceland?

The project Pillow Talk by Sonja Kovocevic works as a listening device, giving glimpses into the realities of refugees and asylum seekers.
It will be travelling through the city of Reykjavik from 15.-19.08.2017. We warmly invite you to come closer, lie down and listen.

Frítt inn en panta þarf miða. 
Opnað verður fyrir miðapantanir 8.ágúst 2017
Miðapantanir sendist á midisvidslist [at] lhi.is

Savage Scenes by Saga Sigurðardóttir

In SAVAGE SCENES the artist, Saga Sigurðardóttir,  actively and faithfully takes on a responsibility as a bricoleur. Meeting with the materials at hand, the bricoleur, or "bricoleuse" in this case, makes herself available to objects as she, likewise, wishes to (re-)discover facets of their fathomless depths. 

Where spirit and matter share space, Henri Bergson suggests: 'The role of life is to insert some indetermination into matter.'
Nothing is given. All is available, and accessable through tenderness - the willingness to meet.

Málstofa - Franko B

Franko B will talk about his work and methods in Málstofa in room 525 in Sölvhólsgata 13. 

For 10 days, he has been working with students on body based and relational practices that seek to dissolve time and generate an extreme mode of listening and focus. This coming Wednesday, the workshop participants will present artistic responses to this process and you are invited to share this moment with them. And this coming Thursday, you invited to hear more from Franko B about how he is working and thinking about performance related practices.