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Moss and me – an interspecies love story // Vala Höskuldsdóttir and Moss 

Moss and me is a one-on-one relationship counseling session between humans and the plant world. It is also a love story. It is co-created by a human and moss.  If you feel that you want to work on and deepen your relationship with nature you might want to book an appointment. There are very limited slots to this work. It is situated in the human author’s home, in Seltjarnarnes. Sessions need to be booked at least four days beforehand with information about a phone number that can be reached and an email address.     

Practicing love // Svanhvít Júlíusdóttir

Experiencing a sense of depletion by complicated communication in many of my everyday relationships with people, I had a strong desire to have someone in my life to simply nurture. Inspired by a friend that acquired a chicken after his elderly farmer uncle passed away, I got two chickens – Pina and Toni. I am trying to create and sustain a friendship with these chickens living in my backyard and I ask myself what I learn in that process. 

Participants: Svanhvít Júlíusdóttir (human), Pina (chicken), Toni (chicken). 

L i s t e n i n g – sound narratives of a dance // Sara Mikolai

This work is an invitation to listen: to a body, a dance, a landscape - of sounds and silences becoming  present in one moment and leaving in the next. It is a fluid exploration of dance and how it can be  shaped and experienced if the focus lies not in the eye, but in the ear. How does what we see change, transform, become, appear, disappear or remain if we experience them through their sounds?