Hugarflug 2019

Dagskrá / Programme 2019


15. febrúar - Föstudagur / Friday 

IS= íslenska
EN= English
Skráning er óþörf og er ráðstefnan öllum opin. 
No registration needed as the conference is open to all. 
8.45- 9  Mötuneyti / Caffiteria 
Morgunkaffi / Coffee 
9-9.15  L193 Fyrirlestrarsalur / Lecture hall 
Ávarp rektors LHÍ / Opening from rector of IUA - Fríða Björk Ingvarsdóttir. IS

Food tools for fools - A Robotic Exhibition

We welcome you on Wednesday, September 20th, at 4pm in Pallurinn where an exhibition of food and robotics projects from the 2nd year course Ideas and Technology will be open to the public. 

Including a lollipop-throwing roomba, robotic insects which help to make salad, prosthetics to help carrots run away when scared, an uncomfortable noodle-eating experience, and a large 3D printed gun to shoot popcorn into your mouth.