In SAVAGE SCENES the artist actively and faithfully takes on a responsibility as a bricoleur. Meeting with the materials at hand, the bricoleur, or ´´bricoleuse“ in this case, makes herself available to objects as she, likewise, wishes to (re-)discover facets of their fathomless depths. 

Where spirit and matter share space, Henri Bergson suggests: 'The role of life is to insert some indetermination into matter.'
Nothing is given. All is available, and accessable through tenderness - the willingness to meet.

The bricoleuse engages willingly in the unknown through hopeful play. Or we put it this way: The bricoleuse is hopeful and practices the unknown through a state of willingness – play.
What emerges, what does such play produce?

SAVAGE SCENES are scenes of bricoleuse practice, manifested in a performance and a series of photographs and drawings. In these, the bricoleuse is on a quest for spectacular encounters while the artist, through a choreography of guts, attempts to inspirit a spectacle of precarious magic.

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