Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (full note version with bibliography)

MA students use the Chicago Manual of Style method of citation (full note, 16th edition) to cite their refences. 

Please refer to this citation guide available from Purdue's online resources and refers to the referencing rules as a NB system (notes and bibliography). 

Template for MA THESIS:

Writing and researching 

Use the online citation guide as a standalone reference guide in your writing. You should also use it even if you are using reference management tools such as Zotero

If you are using Zotero make sure to refer to the online citation guide before handing in your assignment. 
The online citation guide gives correct examples that you should use to correct citations set up by zotero.  

Zotero only collects and inserts bibliographical information - Zotero does not correct them. This is why you need to make sure that all your cited references and bibliography is correct according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (full note) available in text examples in the Purdue online citation guide.

Skemman Thesis Repository - Submission guidelines


Use zotero to collect, manage and cite your references. 

MA students can contact the library for help setting up and using zotero