Kl. 9.30–12.00 Prentverkstæði (3. mars)
Thomas Pausz: Living Almanac of Appropriate Technologies (EN)
In this event I will invite participants to collectively read through a collection of the Whole Earth Review (32 magazines published in the 80s and 90s), a critical publication on early ecological thinking, alternative energy, and open source technology.
We will decide on themes which are relevant today together and scan relevant pages, texts and visuals. We will either print and bind together an Ad-Hoc Almanac, as a manual of ideas that can be developed in Iceland - or display the result on a wall as an evolutive installation / giant mind map.
This is the second edition of the Appropriate Technologies workshop, after a first edition realised in London with the collective the Evening-Class.org, a collective of designers and thinkers, who are currently printing their version of the Almanac.
Participation is on drop-in basis.