Leaving Tracks

Online Forum on Musical Education in Northern Europe Now
March 24th 2021,14h CET/13h GMT Reykjavík



This conference is a part of the Project “EDU-action 2020-2021: Nurturing Excellence” by connection environments of Music and Cultural Education in Poland, Norway and Iceland. The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań recieved €95029 grant from the found granted by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financing. The aim of EDU-Action 2020-2021 is to reduce economic and social differences within the EEA and to strengthen tripartite relationships between the partners in the educational environment by consolidating their common initiatives. More information here.



The Aspects of Interplay on European Notation System, Music Education and Interpretation

Mariam Kharatyan, Associate Professor at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway

The System of Education of Children and Youth in Poland in the Context of Transculturality 

Magda Morus-Fijałkowska, Ph. D. in Musical Arts, Academy of Art in Szczecin

My Thoughts on Cultural Background and Learning Culture 

Kristinn Örn Kristinsson, Principal of The Allegro School of Music, Menntaskóli í Tónlist

Leaving Tracks: Co-Creation of Art Experiences in a Society for All 

Anne Randi Haugejorden, Ass Prof University of Agder, Principal flautist, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra

Musical Forms of Supporting the Mental Health of Children During a Pandemic - Mindfulness With Music 

Natalia Kłysz-Sokalska, PhD, Academy of Music in Poznan

Music Education and Creativity, Icelandic Vision 

Áshildur Haraldsdóttir, Phd, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Menntaskóli í Tónlist

An Online Premiere of “Five Songs From The Play Alter Native” by Atli Ingólfsson (Iceland).  
“One Has to Drink”, “A Thirsty King”, “Paradox poem”, “Who Am I Now?” “Postludio” 

Performed by students from Menntaskóli í Tónlist, Iceland

Making Sense of Difference: The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness 

Malcolm Pollock, Joint Chair European Flute Council, ex Chair British Flute Society

Chamber Ensembles: The Keys for Successful Work 

Maria Grominska, Mgr, PhD Candidate of Academy of Music in Poznań, Principal Flutist of the Kraków Philharmonic

A Rhetoric of Sustainability, Technology and Higher Music Education:
Thoughts on the Why and How of E-Learning in Higher Musical Instrument Performance Training

Robin Rolfhamre, PhD, Professor of Music Education, University of Agder

The Music Schools in Iceland: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges 

Elín Anna Ísaksdóttir, Program Director, The Iceland University of the Arts 

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning:
Implementing the Assumptions of éMile Jaques-Dalcroze's Method During Eurhythmics Lessons With Students of First Level Music Schools Online 

Magister Klaudia Orłowska, Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music, Poznań, The Oskar Kolberg Music School, Szczecinek

Greetings to the Partners and Announcement of the Final Project Conference at Uia on April 26th 

Jørn Eivind Schau, Professor, Head of Master Programme in Music Performance, Institute of Classical Music and Music Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder

Concert of Polish Artists

Magda Morus-Fijałkowska, Ewa Murawska, Kornelia Nowak, Ewelina Zawiślak, Wikto- ria Łukaszewska, Robert Kaźmierczak and Anna Maria Tabaczyńska flutes, Hubert Bogucki clarinet, Hanna Lizinkiewicz, Adam Dobrowolski and Katarzyna Grzywacz piano. Works by: Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska (premiere performance), Tadeusz Szeligowski, Franz Schubert and others.

Forum managment:

Áshildur Haraldsdóttir, Reykjavik Music College (Menntaskóli í tónlist)
Peter Máté, Iceland University of the Arts (Listaháskóli Íslands)

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Sunna Sigurðardóttir, Sunna Rán Stefánsdóttir, Björgvin Þorgrímsson, Linda Björg Guðmundsdóttir(Listaháskóli Íslands)