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At the end of the studies the student has knowledge of the field of curatorial practice with special emphasis on art. This includes that the student:
  • can take a critical and well-argued position on current topics within the field of specialization  
  • has acquired knowledge through research within the framework of curatorial practice,
  • knows the main currents, theories, methods and works of contemporary art,
  • can call up on their knowledge to support arguments that justify (sleppa his/her hér) curatorial decisions,
  • understands the ethics of research and curatorial practice.


At the end of the studies the student will be able to apply the methods and approaches within the field of curatorial practice. This includes that the student:
  • has developed responsible and independent working methods  
  • has the knowledge needed to engage in a dialog with institutions, frameworks and contexts through curatorial practice
  • shows originality and insight in the development and execution of work,
  • can use their knowledge, comprehension and problem solving skills in novel and unfamiliar situations, and in a cross disciplinary context
  • is able to develop projects and place these in the context of the professional field´s theoretical framework,


At the end of the studies the student should be able to apply his knowledge and skills to work and/or further study. This includes that the student:
  • can initiate curatorial projects, direct them and shoulder responsibility for individual and group work.
  • can present a detailed action plan and implement it in a responsible manner.
  • can present complicated subjects in curatorial practice and communicate this on professional grounds, individually, or in cooperation with others, in the presence of specialists and the public.
  • has the skill to present and describe the professional subjects, in oral and written English.
  • can make independent, professional decisions and rationalize these.
  • can independently assess when and where different analytical methods apply within the professional context.
  • has developed a critical consciousness and can make use of critical discussion for creative work.
  • has acquired the ability to function within the international context of art.


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