Fyrir hver er námskeiðið: Námskeiðið hentar söngvurum sem vilja tileinka sér betri þekkingu á framburði erlendra tungumála í söng. Námskeiðið er valnámskeið á BA-stigi tónlistardeildar og er kennt á ensku.
It is necessary for all those who sing in foreign languages to be aware of the roles and meaning of the words and lyrics. When singers sing in foreign languages, they need to distinguish the sounds that make up the words, a series of vowels and consonantts. They need to understand emphasis, form, flow, and nuances, follow the composittion of precision, clarity, musical intution as they communicate content. It is important to know the international phonetic alphabet - IPA - and be able to read from phonological symbols.
The use of an international phonetic alphabet (IPA) in French, German and Italian will be discussed in details, how to pronunciation in singing, the analysis of sounds for singing is bound (legato) and pronunciation clear. Stutents learn the basics of phonetic analysis and pronunciation rules and the characteristics of these languagees intending to be able to help themselves when it comes to the pronunciation of foreign languages in song.
Evaluation:  Projects, listening labs and students attendance and activity 
Teacher: Cayla Rosche
Teaching language: English 
Department: Music
Teaching period: 26. August to 21. October 2022
Time and place: Fridays, 8:30-10:10, (8 times), at Skipolt 31  
Preliminary requirement: The course is for students at BA-level
Units: 2 ECTS 
Price: 30.500 kr (without units), 40.800 kr. (with units)
Further information: Karolina Stefansdottir, project manager, karolinas [at] lhi.is 
Should students decide to take a course without ECTS the teacher does not provide feedback for the students work. Difference in the price of the course is therefore based on the teachers´ workload. Courses taken without ECTS can be registered, without ECTS, on the students´ transcript of records.