Kl. 14.00–15.30 Stofa 53 (3. mars) (EN)
Áki Ásgeirsson
Halldór Úlfarsson 
Jesper Pedersen
Sam Rees 
Curriculum in Art is not arrived at in a straight line. New methods typically gain a grassroots momentum before it is obvious to teachers in art and design that new materials have become integral to how creatives express themselves. This is now happening with interactivity, physical computing and procedural art at the IAA. For the past decade these methods and craft have been sporadically offered to our students in a variety of introductory courses arranged in our different disciplines.  
So far this has been an unconcerted effort driven, partly by student interest, partly by teacher vision. It is now obvious that these methods are here to stay and belong as part of the core-syllabus of what we teach and train at the IAA. To push the conversation forward we want to use this occasion to gather in one place the part-time lecturers and academic staff who have taught these skills in the past and for them to share their vision of WHAT the material is we should be developing.
The Pecha-Kucha format seems ideal for this type of sharing. Showing projects, technical platforms and student work from past courses on topics relating to the material in question will shed a light on where the consensus has been so far and is an excellent starting point for deciding where to take it next.