We invite you to enjoy video works from the 2nd year Contemporary Dance Practices students. 

Physical Cinema Course
Learning to use your voice into other platforms than the stage.  
“Physical Cinema” is a specific genre of film-making in which a choreographer, a film-maker / visual artist, and composer/ sound designer collaborate towards a creative work where movement, motion, time, and space are a prime source of the narrative or abstract “story board”. It is an area of mutual and balanced exchange of concepts and ideas. It is not a documentary, or filming of a live staged performance. The dramaturgy of location as well as innovative and experimental kinetic use of the camera all play an extremely important part in the process. 
Course Leader: Helena Jónsdóttir  
Students and their work:
Birna Karlsdóttir
Cecile Rye Bergen
Gabriel Marling Rideout
Inga María Olsen
Jóna Hlín Elíasdóttir
Lena Margrét Jónsdóttir
Marikki Nyfors
Ragnhildur Birta Ásmundsdóttir
Rebekka Sól Þórarinsdóttir
Sóley Ólafsdóttir
Tiferet Klimovski
Tiffany Margelin