Um þessar mundir eru gestakennararnir Paul Blackman og Christine Gouzelis að kenna við alþjóðlega samtímadansbraut. Námskeiðið nefnist Shock the Body. Opið var inn í tíma hjá Paul á opnu húsi. Hér má sjá nokkrar myndir frá deginum teknar af Leifi Wilberg Orrasyni, ljósmyndara LHÍ.
SHOCK THE BODY - texti úr námskeiðslýsingu.

Is a practice that we use to discover ways of composing intricate and a forceful movement material. It is a continuous study which we've been exploring within our research that use certain themes and visual concepts to reinforce our attempts at kicking off and generating movement vocabulary. 
The concept is that the body is a map of various highways and pathways, which allow any two parts of the body that are joined together and have a certain space in between them to re-form and recycle constantly.  This frequency enters and escapes through various spaces and parts of the body.