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A Note from the Programme Director  
This year, nine studying artists navigated challenging circumstances and were confronted with difficult questions. Where does my artistic practice exist when the spaces, I formerly occupied are unavailable to me? How do I stay motivated in times of such uncertainty? And how can I feel connected with others—colleagues, teachers and audiences—when we are unable to meet in the canteen, the classroom or the theatre?  
As an act of creative survival, the class took their artistic practices wherever they needed to go—into each other's homes, the wilderness, the dreamworld, the radio, or a rented car to watch red smoke rising from a volcano. In a plight to stay personally and existentially resilient, the group became a kind of nomadic school—a school with its foundation built on care, softness, generosity, and humour. What has emerged is a close-knit community whose shared core value is to learn from each other—a community that practices alternative thinking, artistic bravery, cooking, and love. The outcomes of the 2020-2021 MFA programme are a testimony to their successes both as both artists and people.