Hér má horfa á fyrirlestur Juliu Hechtman sem haldinn var í hönnunar- og arkitektúrdeild í febrúar 2019


Julia Hechtman is an American photographer and video artist. She is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, where she teaches a variety of courses, predominantly in still and moving image. She is here in Iceland working as a Fulbright Scholar, which combines her personal research with teaching at LHI.
Julia Hechtman gave a lecture in the Department of Design and Architecture February.
Hechtman makes works that subtly alter the familiar and ordinary to create a state of renewed curiosity and active engagement with images, objects, and events.
She is drawn to collections, sentimentality and to recall. Regarding production, she investigates how still and moving images can deliver meaning, and structure compositions, objects, and installations in a way that reproduces the quality of the first-hand encounter.
Hechtman is currently working on a series of one hundred video vignettes. For the past two years, she has been writing a memoir, in the style of a journal, of her adolescent experiences. The stories begin at age 12 and progress through age 18. One’s sense of self is confused and shifting during adolescence, so filming the short stories with an altered context will present conflicts and continuities that cannot be predicted, but should present many questions regarding identification of self.