Námskeiðið Samtal er árlegt námskeið, haldið í upphafi vorannar, og taka allir 2.árs nemendur þátt. Í ár er námskeiðinu stýrt af Thomas Pausz, aðjúnkt í vöruhönnun, og ber námskeiðið yfirskriftina ANIMAL RADIO. 

Tveir viðburðir verða haldnir í Mengi, 14. og 21.janúar, í tengslum við námskeiðið.

Í lýsingu á námskeiðinu segir m.a.

Today we are redefining our relationship with the environment and nature. We are having urgent debates and conferences on the topics of energy, land use and industry and their footprints on the planet. 

However  the question of animals and how we should relate to them is still a very controversial one: animals are exploited and abused in our food systems and fur/leather production, they are widely used to test our cosmetics and medicines, but they are largely ignored in the current reflexions on ecology an ethics.

How can we deal better with animals and what will happen to animals in the future? In the interdisciplinary course Samtal we will focus on establishing the 'state of affairs' with the question of animal ethics in Iceland, and imagine some future scenarios. Using the format of podcasts, the students will interview actors from the industry, the farming sector and  all field related to animal ethics.  With some background lectures we will tackle the issue from a sociological / philosophical points of view. Thinkers and ethologists  Donna Haraway and Vicianne Despret are challenging the animal / human hierarchy inherited from the 19th century, and proposing new directions and forms of 'companionships'. The Arts are also a fertile ground where the experimentations with 'animality' from Joseph Beuys to bio-design are pointing at other ways to co-exist and even co-produce with other species. 

Can we re-invent what animals mean to us today?



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