We warmly welcome everyone to the opening of the exhibition 15 nautical miles. 22.04.2023 13:00–15:00 Gróttuviti, Seltjarnarnes
Artists: Iða Brá Ingadóttir, Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia, Martha Lyons Haywood, Masaya Ozaki, and Vikram Pradhan
Curated by Iona Jasija Poldervaart

15 nautical miles invites visitors into the unfamiliar world of the interior of Grótta’s lighthouse. In their works, the artists reference the lighthouse by shedding light on what is unseen but sensed in other ways – the forgotten stories, the symbolic meaning of the place, the hidden life, the smell and echoes. Instead of a static structure, the artists encounter the lighthouse as an interactive entity. The newly created works, inspired by the performative and sentimental notion connected to the lighthouse, include paper installation, video work, text, sound installation, drawing, sculpture, and performance.
This graduation exhibition from the MA Curatorial Practice at the Iceland University of the Arts was developed based on process-oriented, site-specific, and collaborative exhibition-making.

Opening day:
13:00–13:15: Playful walk with Martha to explore different narratives around the lighthouse. Meeting for interested visitors at the car park in front of Grótta. During the opening hours throughout the week, Martha will continue to be at the lighthouse and spontaneously take visitors on a walk.
13:15–14:00: Music performance in the lighthouse composed by Masaya. Afterwards, visitors can hear a sound installation by Vikram.

The scheduled walk with Martha and the music performance also take place on the closing day, 29.04.

The opening hours vary due to the tide schedule:
22.04. 13:00–15:00 / Walk with Martha 13:00 / Music performance 13:15
23.04. 13:00–16:00
26.04. 15:00–18:00
27.04. 16:00–19:00
28.04. 18:00–20:00
29.04. 19:00–21:00 / Walk with Martha 19:00 / Music performance 19:15

Only a certain amount of people can enter at once, so there might be some waiting time during which the visitors can explore the beautiful island of Grótta. Please be aware that the lighthouse is not accessible by wheelchair.
My sincere thanks to all the artists and performers, Vegagerðin, Seltjarnarnesbær, IUA, Annabelle von Girsewald, Markús Þór Andressón, and Hanna Styrmisdóttir.