Frá fagstjóra

When you look at an object, what do you think? It’s ugly. It’s beautiful. I would like to have it in my house, or I could have done it better. The simple action of looking at an object has an effect on us. It makes us think, and this thinking is not neutral.
The field of product design is reaching a tipping point. Products are not only useful or beautiful, they are not passive, they are active characters in our world story. They have power to change our landscapes making us carve mountains for rare-earth minerals; to change our daily lives creating jobs, even villages around production; most of all they have the power to change how we think, how many steps did you walk today? And how do you feel about that?
In the BA product design, we invite students to reflect and analyze our current modes of production and consumption of things, from their own perspective. We teach students the foundations of making, the language and basic tools of the design profession. We train students in systematic thinking, looking at the object and its connection to the world. At the end of the program, students are able to propose meaningful alternative designs that have the power to improve our human and more-than-human societies according to the constant change of thoughts, values and beliefs.