“Body in progress” er útskriftaverk eftir Ritu Mariu Muñoz Farias nema á samtímadansbraut. 


Rita Maria Muñoz Farias is a 3rd year dance student of the Contemporary Dance Practices at the department of Performing Arts at IUA this is her final project.

“Body in progress” is part experiment, performance, and a practice in the making. It came from the desire of wanting to start anew and the search towards an empty body. It has been inspired by myths, different movement and meditation practices, the ‘Death Positive Movement’, The White Book, and others.

The performance explores the question “is it possible for the body to start anew; to empty it out of information and create something else?”. With the performance there will be transformations occurring, leaving one state for another; morphing, exploring, discovering. There is no end, no final product – it could be described as a breath, a pause, a death, a moment, a semi-colon. A body in progress.



Choreographer and dancer: Rita Maria Muñoz Farias

Music: Íris Rós Ragnhildardóttir

Mentor: Saga Sigurðardóttir


Free admissions but for tickets please go to tix.is 

Performed in Tunglið, Austurstræti (above Grillmarkaðurinn, restaurant)