Franko B will talk about his work and methods in Málstofa in room 525 in Sölvhólsgata 13. 

For 10 days, he has been working with students on body based and relational practices that seek to dissolve time and generate an extreme mode of listening and focus. This coming Wednesday, the workshop participants will present artistic responses to this process and you are invited to share this moment with them. And this coming Thursday, you invited to hear more from Franko B about how he is working and thinking about performance related practices. 

The life and work of Franko B is situated somewhere between isolation and seduction, benevolence and confrontation, suffering and eroticism, punk and poetry. 

Franko B makes drawings, installations, sculptures and performances, as well as works in many other mediums and disciplines. Over the years he has built up a sizeable body of works and become internationally known.

He lives and works in London, a professor at l’Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London.