attempt #9 - bagassx - Isabella Gonçalves

this is an attempt to learn how to die.
an invitation to waste time together.

attempt#9 - bagassx is the latest in a series of attempts, developed over the course of the MFA Performing Arts 2017/18 cycle at the Iceland University of the Arts. 
Each of the nine attempts have been a part of a continuous effort to put an end to the idea of the individual. Together, a series of actions that each work to dislodge the self and dismantle identities.

Please notice not suitable for children under the age of 16. 

Smiðjan, Sölvhólsgata 13
August 22nd
August 24th

Artist talk/Q&A: Friday, August 24, 20:30 at Smiðjan, Sölvhólsgata 13

The work attempt #9 - bagassx by Isabella Gonçalves is presented within the frame of the Iceland University of the Arts Performing Arts MFA Graduation Festival. 

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