The IUA institutional strategy 2019-2023 focuses on enhancing intercultural competences, social and global awareness of students and staff through mobility and internationalisation at home.  
Students’ competences are developed through: 
-exchange or internships abroad, 
-participation in international projects or collaboration in the local community, 
-an international classroom where engagement between local and international students is encouraged, 
-inviting guest lecturers and artists from abroad, 
-a digital classroom in collaboration with partners abroad. 
The IUA aims at supporting development of all its staff by strengthening their skills to work in a diverse and international setting.
This is done through: 
-staff exchanges: teaching, job shadowing and training abroad, 
-increased participation in international research and development projects, 
-supporting staff to attend courses and training events locally and abroad, 
-sharing of experiences and practices within the institution and partners abroad. 
Through new opportunities, such as blended mobility and further development of digital collaboration, the IUA anticipates doubling the number of participants within the new period. This also allows the IUA to reach new groups of students that are not able to pursue long-term mobility abroad, making participation in international collaboration more inclusive. 
Through active engagements in strategic partnerships the IUA seeks to improve the quality and relevance of higher education in line with the objectives of EU’s Agenda for Modernisation in Higher Education. The participation in such projects promotes innovation, development of approaches to learning and teaching, and quality enhancement in the curriculum and the study environment.