Ylfa Þöll Ólafsdóttir
BA Fine Art 2017
ylfaolafsdottir [at] gmail.com

My graduation piece is about how fire, electricity, magnetism and synchronization appear in humans. It addresses passion and electric atmosphere.
People synchronize with other people—they balance each other out. The sun, a planet made of fire, charges the Earth like a battery. A massive black hole sits beyond the sun. Within the Earth’s core there is fire that exudes energy. That same energy appears in a blossoming flower, the howl of wind that strokes the branches of trees, the smell of oranges, and the thoughts of men. Without even knowing, people share thoughts through electric telepathy. As you read my words, my thoughts become yours. I show videos that depict a sun; a blackhole; a fire that burns from a hole in the ground; telepathy between two friends; a man getting an electric shock; a man that sets his own hand on fire; and a dancer that moves to burning fire. Viewers are invited to enter a virtual reality that transports them to the center of a ring of fire, to the score of bass beating drums. In addition, viewers are offered to experience a slight electric shock.