Vera Hilmarsdóttir

I think that the deepest desire in  human nature is to belong, somewhere where one finds a place of love, worthiness and is a part of a bigger whole than one’s own existence. To be vulnerable is an important factor in creating a strong emotional bond with another person, which is the heart and core of meaningful experiences in ones life. When we talk about love, it is most often love for your loved ones but not as often about self-love. It is in fact even more important than the love you have for your lover. Love begins in our own hearts and we cannot give something we do not have.

The human mind is an eternal subject for me. Behind closed eyes something happens that is not real, takes you further spiritually but can even bring you closer to yourself. In my works I strive to show people the same vision I long for, whether it is in the form of memories, imagination or leads their meditative minds to their unreal world.