Whether women were sent to psychiatric hospitals or burned at the stake, the concept of women as mentally ill creatures has been growing in society for a long time. According to the ancient Egyptians, the uterus was supposed to be able to move inside the woman, which was what caused women’s mental illness. Later, women were considered insane if they showed too much emotion, too little emotion, sexual desire, ambition for learning, political interest, and much more. The psychotic brand was a certain tactic used to control the behaviour of women.
Unstable, unreliable and unpredictable, wait—are you on your period?
Damn she’s crazy, she’s completely mad, really insane
How we talk about women in relation to mental illness has been flourishing in society for a long time, the words have lost all meaning, all women are crazy and especially ex-girlfriends.
Got a long list of ex-lovers 
They’ll tell you I'm insane 
- Taylor Swift
Valey Sól G. (b. 1994) grew up in Kópavogur. She works mostly with time-based media such as photography, videos, audio and installations. She feels compelled to work with the emotions and issues that afflict her at the given time. She seeks to convey certain messages to the viewer and hopes that the message will evoke some emotions.