Login to computers

Login to any of the school computers as Other with your Myschool username and password (@lhi.is) From there you have access to your files on the fileserver and the programs on that computer.


Iceland University of the Arts has a contract with Office365 for email and  cloud storage. 
You login to  365.lhi.is with full email address and password. Each user has 1 TB of storage for email and cloud. We recomend using the school email for communicating with staff and other students and any communication from the school will only be sent to @lhi.is email addresses.


Users must initially login here to connect to the print system. There you can generate a PIN for accessing the printers.
You can also connect your studentcard to the printsystem. 

  1. You can install drivers on your own computer to print from there. How to install printers on your computer.
  2. You can print from the school computers as long as you are logged in to your account.
  3. You can upload files to the printer by logging in to this website.
  4. You can send files to prent [at] lhi.is as long as you send it from your - [at] lhi.is email.

There are printers in every building. Each user gets a print quota.  100 A4-pages in colour each semester. That equals  500 A4-pages in black and white, 50 A3-pages in colour or 250 A3-pages in b/w. 

The cost of printing is:
A4 b/w 10 kr.
A4 colour 50 kr.
A3 b/w 20 kr.
A3 colour100 kr.

If you deplete your quota you can buy extra print quota at the Main Office in Þverholt or from the service assistants in Laugarnesvegur and Skipholt.