The everyday is a constant and meaningful presence. It is the fundamental rhythm of our lives and yet– by its very daily-ness, by its lack of the spectacular, the lack of extra-ordinariness – it is paradoxically harder to see than moments of emergency, than the unexpected event. My research and desire is to bring the uneventful and unnoticed aspects of lived experiences into visibility, drawing on the vast reservoir of normally unnoticed, trivial, passive, boring, and repetitive actions, which combined comprise the common ground of daily life.

What can I as a contemporary artist do to make viewers notice the world around them, or around me, in ways that are relevant today? Part of the answer is to create an aesthetic experience out of the mundane. To bring out the poetic aspects of daily actions that can be captured through the use of images that evoke the prosaic. In my work, I focus on the small details of lived reality, the private domestic life, concerning myself in different ways with the small moments or the small particles that make up daily existence as I see it. The everyday can be put on scene, posed as an image, but with the same purpose of approximation to reality.

With my small acts and gestures I try to make a slight dent in my and the viewer’s way of comprehending and perceiving ourselves in our surroundings; who we are, where we are, and with whom we are.

In nearly all of my work, I tend to operate the camera myself and not let it limit or influence my actions or investigations. I could say that the camera is my co-actor as I am simultaneously the material of the work and the operator, the object of observation and the observing subject.