Þórunn Kolbeinsdóttir
totakolbeinsd [at] gmail.com

I've been reaching for inspiration in creation myths and I'm especially fascinated by the strong materiality which appears there as well as people's terrific attempts to make the inexplicable accessible. I have taken the embodiment of the soul as the beginning of my own creation myth. I found it interesting to use this, overloaded, cliché-like idea, which the soul is, and try to approach it in a new way. To make yet another attempt to try to explain what is out of reach.

In the process I've focused on the relationship between soul and body, whether it involves integration of both phenomena or if the body is simply a complicated case around the soul, the piece of meat that holds the spirit. A possible manifestation of the moment when the soul is exposed before the body swallows it. The moment when we perceive the soul without having to read it through movements, language et cetera.

The physical sculpture seems to rise up from slimy depths, made from different material which is though about to blend. The visual language explains the story around the event the sculpture refers to, with its own logic. It illuminates another world when material had not reached the level of combining, standing alone, but were soon going to get acquainted.

I talk about stories and processes where there is usually some progress going on, but the installation is motionless. The shapes imply movement but in fact is this a still of a creation process that seems to be still ongoing but is at the same time the final point in my own creation process.