Þorgils Óttar Erlingsson
BA  Fine Art 2017

The project is a part of ongoing research about the innate power of objects. I approach the idea through an investigation of everyday objects that we tend to take for granted.

I question mass production’s impact on the dignity of objects. Do objects lose their dignity if they are no longer unique? How do we approach objects? What are their purpose, origin, importance and value? Can we impact the dignity of an object by altering its context, so that it becomes unique?

My material of choice is marble. Marble has a rich history within culture and arts. Its significance in regards to the notion of the dignity of objects is therefore more obvious than in the case of materials such as iron or plastic.
It takes me hours to remake each object. Through the process of remaking, my awareness becomes heightened. The time and energy spent on each object begets a process that transforms its essence. The object becomes alive, and after I dispose of my pre-conceived notions of its meaning, I see it for the first time.