Interdisciplinary artistic study material for elementary school

This master's thesis consists of study material for the youngest level in elementary school and a detailed explanation of the course of action in connection with the course material.
The factors that aim at the sustainable use of materials and outdoor education are the subject matter of the study program, and are intertwined with factors that play a significant role in the welfare of the individual.
The main objective of the essay is to examine the focus on education for elementary schools that affects the creativity and development towards sustainability. What is the foundation and the source?
The curriculum focuses on interdisciplinary links between arts and crafts in regard to society, nature and culture.
Threads also refers to crafts and arts, focusing on textiles in contemporary art, which connect us with cultural heritage and are interconnected to our everyday life.
This is the foundation of the study material, which is based on the fundamental needs of a person in relation with the environment, which also builds on the knowledge of ecosystems and the possibilities of utilizing nature as a source for creativity.
Þórey Hannesdóttir
eyjan1 [at]
Advisors: Dr. Ásthildur B. Jónsdóttir og Ingimar Waage