"Moso needs a heart"

Possibilities of photograpic studies and critical, artistic, place-based education

This research could be seen as a miniature learning process based on an artistic, critical place-based education method that could be used for all age groups. It would connect municipality, local community, family, teachers and students in their environment to build people who grow together in a learning process towards a democratically conscious and active community.
A Photovoice study is used to look at the views of residents as well as school students toward their environment and cast a spotlight on their voices. I describe my own teaching experience and the development of a work theory which leads me to the reasons, preparations and theoretical context of this research. Next is performance of the study and processing of the results with a SWOT analysis, that showed a strong harmony in the connection and vision of the participants toward their town 
and it's environment.
Factors that are connected to the international organisational factors were mentioned as strengths and weaknesses. Participants mainly listed environmental factors as strengths while different organisational factors were mentioned as weaknesses. 
External environmental factors were more prominent in relation to opportunities and threats. Dangers of traffic, pollution and other environmental impacts were seen as threats while opportunities were seen in connection with a successful relationship with nature well as sharpening of the overall vision of the municipality.
These results were then used for the development and installation of participatory artworks that made the views and voices of the participants visible. They invited viewers to take part in the conversation and give feedback, therefore becoming participants themselves. 
The overall results shed a light on the multifaceted but under-utilised possibilities of visual studies and artistic methods, both as an added depth in qualitative research and as influence on environmental awareness and democratic activity.
Þórdís Eva Þorleiksdóttir
disevan [at] outlook.com
Advisor: Dr. Ásthildur B. Jónsdóttir