Hveragerði was created by the interaction of unique natural resources, which have produced the most unlikely results. In the town the origins of human habitation are still to be found, in the Geothermal Park – an active geothermal area in the middle of the town, where the endless power of the earth gushes up to the surface in an extraordinary spectacle, against the unique surrounding landscape. This crude energy source, as fragile as it is threatening, is currently hidden away in a neglected corner of the town centre, having lost all connection with its surroundings. With flexible structures which adapt to the unpredictability of geothermal energy, the Geothermal Park may be rethought and brought closer to the people of the town. The new Geothermal Park harnesses the friction arising from the interaction with nature, our source of life, and enlivens the community life of Hveragerði.

Location: Geothermal Park