Sturla Hrafn Sólveigarson

Three artists’ residences stand on, and reference the names of, streets in Hveragerði. The intention of these is to bring arts closer to the daily life of the inhabitants of Hveragerði and to establish bonds between them and the resident artists. Each residence comprises a detached building with an apartment and a studio, which also functions as an exhibition space. The buildings have varying qualities and impact.   

Mörk is near a preschool, where the children can satisfy their curiosity.  

Skógar is in the middle of a lovely grove of spruces, where local people can sit down and have a conversation with the artist.

Heiði is located in the cluster of greenhouses, where the local inhabitants’ knowledge of horticulture will become part of the artist’s creative work.


Location:  Mörk, Skógar, Heiði