Department of Music

Voice B.Mus.

Curriculum 2022-2023

Learning outcomes




By the end of the programme, students are familiar with the field of instrumental/vocal performance. This entails that students should: 

  • Be familiar with the theories and concepts used in the field, such as music theory, music literature, music history, and musical styles.
  • Understand the methods used as a foundation for instrumental and vocal performance.
  • Have the insight and understanding needed to approach performance as an independent individual.
  • Be familiar with the work environment in the field. 
  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of search engines and information technology.
  • Be familiar with the equipment and computer software used in the field.
  • Have a fundamental knowledge of the musician’s legal environment, including performers’ rights and copyright issues. 



By the end of the programme, students can apply methods and processes in the field of performance. This entails that students should: 

  • Have gained proficiency in musical performance and be able to coordinate technique and interpretation.
  • Be able to take a critical position on their own work and that of others.
  • Be able to apply critical methods to artistic creation.
  • Be able to take decisions and support them on a professional basis.
  • Have the technique and skills to work independently.
  • Have adopted broad-mindedness and originality in thought, creation, and interpretation.
  • Recognise when information is needed and have the skills to gather it, assess its reliability, and use it appropriately.
  • Have adopted searching and diverse work habits.
  • Be able to use equipment and technology.



By the end of the programme, students should be able to use their knowledge and proficiency in work and/or further study. This entails that students should: 

  • Be able to work independently, set goals, and prepare and follow a timetable/project timeline.
  • Have gained the insight needed for independent creation.
  • Be able to perform/interpret music for others’ enjoyment.
  • Be able to participate actively in collaborative work and direct group projects.
  • Be able to interpret and present their ideas and research findings.
  • Have acquired the competency needed for further study in the field of music.


M Main Subject
TH Theory
A Applied Professional Knowledge
T Technical Practices
S Studio Practices
ME Mandatory-Elective Course
MC Mandatory Course
E Elective Course

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