Department of Design 

Visual Communication BA

Curriculum 2022-2023

Learning outcomes


The student possesses knowledge within the field of visual communication. This implies that the student:

  • Has knowledge of theories, concepts and methods used in visual communication. 
  • Has basic knowledge of the professional environment in visual communication. 
  • Has insight and understanding to approach subjects in design in an individual manner. 
  • Has understanding of the ideology and concepts on which visual communication is based, 
  • Knows the basics in search and information technology. 


The student is able to use the methods and procedures of the field of visual communication. This implies that the student:

  • Can take a critical stance on information and methods.
  • Has adopted critical vision of their own works and those of others.
  • Is able to participate in critical discourse on visual communication. 
  • Can make decisions and provide a rationale for these on professional grounds. 
  • Has technique and skill to work independently and systematically on subjects within visual communication. 
  • Has learnt to adopt broadmindedness and originality in their thinking. 
  • Is able to independently assess ideas used. 
  • Has adopted enquiring and varied working methods and daring in execution. 
  • Is able to utilise technology and equipment that serves the field. 


The student is able to utilise her/his knowledge and proficiency for work and/or for further studies. This implies that the student:

  • Has the independence and communication skills to actively participate in collaborations and lead working groups. 
  • Can work independently and systematically, set goals, select appropriate methods, produce a project/work plan and adhere to it. 
  • Is capable of interpreting and presenting their subjects and outcomes clearly in speech and in writing. 
  • Can communicate their ideas through their own works. 
  • Can communicate their skills, ideas and knowledge to different groups in different circumstances. 
  • Has cultivated their imagination for independent creativity and/or unconventional approaches and utilise this in their work. 
  • Has developed independent working methods for further study in their field. 
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