Department of Music

Instrumental / Vocal Education B.Mus.Ed.

Curriculum 2022-2023

Learning outcomes


Students have attained knowledge within the field. This entails that students should:  

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the theories and concepts used in a specified area within the field, such as pedagogy, psychology, music theory, music literature, music history, and musical styles.
  • Understand the methods used as a foundation for instrumental and vocal performance.
  • Have the insight and understanding needed to approach instrumental and vocal performance as an independent individual.
  • Have a sound knowledge of the work environment of composers and musicians.
  • Be familiar with the equipment and computer software used in the field.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the legal environment of music instructors.
  • Be able to place the most recent knowledge into the context of their field of specialisation.


  • Have gained proficiency in musical performance and be able to coordinate technique and interpretation.
  • Have gained proficiency in instrumental or vocal teaching.
  • Be able to take a critical position on their own work and that of others.
  • Be able to take decisions and support them on a professional basis.
  • Have the technique and skills to work independently.
  • Have adopted broad-mindedness and originality in thought, creation, and interpretation.
  • Recognise when information is needed and have the skills to gather it, assess its reliability, and use it appropriately.
  • Have adopted a diverse range of work habits.
  • Be able to use equipment and technology in music-making and music instruction.


  • Be able to work independently, set goals, and prepare and follow a project timeline.
  • Have adopted work habits that are recognised in their field.
  • Be able to use recognised methods to gather data relating to education and school activities.
  • Have developed insight into interpersonal communications in instrumental and vocal instruction.
  • Be able to interpret and present their ideas.
  • Be able to participate actively in collaborative work and direct group projects.
  • Have developed the competency required for further study in the fields of music and pedagogy.
M Main Subject
TH Theory
A Applied Professional Knowledge
T Technical Practices
S Studio Practices
ME Mandatory-Elective Course
MC Mandatory Course
E Elective Course

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