Department of Fine Art

Fine Art MA

Curriculum 2023-2024

Learning outcomes


The student has knowledge in the field of fine art. This includes that the student:

  • knows professional subject matters in the field of fine art and related issues of debate,
  • has acquired knowledge through research and the creative art process,
  • knows the main currents, theories, methods and works of contemporary art,
  • can bring his/her knowledge to support arguments that justify his/her resolutions,
  • knows research methods within the professional field of visual art,
  • understands the ethics of research and art creation.


The student is able to apply the methods and approaches of the field of fine art. This includes that the student:

  • has developed responsible and independent working methods in the creative art process,
  • has the ability to synthesize knowledge, tackle challenging tasks and present his/her viewpoint in his/her work,
  • is able to apply his/her knowledge and comprehension to the professional work and working environment of the fine arts,
  • has mastered appropriate methods and techniques in the implementation of work and tasks,
  • is able to collect, analyse and assess resources during the research and creative processes,
  • shows originality and insight in the development and execution of work,
  • can use his/her knowledge, comprehension and problem solving skills in novel and unknown situations, and in a cross disciplinary context within the fine arts,
  • is able to develop projects and place these in the context of the professional field´s theoretical framework,
  • is able to develop and use research methods during the creative process,
  • is able to read his/her own work and those of others from a professional perspective.


The student can apply his knowledge and skills to work and/or further study. This includes that the student:

  • has developed the necessary study skills and independence in art creation to undertake further study and/or work,
  • can initiate visual art projects, direct them and shoulder responsibility for individual and group work,
  • can present a detailed action plan and implement it in a responsible manner,
  • can present complicated subjects in art creation and communicate this on professional grounds, individually, or in cooperation with others, in the presence of specialists and the public,
  • has the skill to present and describe the professional subjects of visual art, in oral and written English,
  • can make independent, professional decisions and rationalize these,
  • can independently assess when and where different analytical methods apply in the process of research and art creation,
  • has developed a critical consciousness and can make use of critical discussion for creative work,
  • has acquired the ability to function within the international context of fine art.
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