Department of Fine Art

Fine Art BA

Curriculum 2022-2023

Learning Outcomes


The student has knowledge within the field of art. This implies that the student: 

  • Has acquired a general understanding of the major theories and concepts of visual art.
  • Has solid knowledge of contemporary art.
  • Understands the relationship between art creation and theoretical knowledge.
  • Knows the diverse methods of art research.
  • Knows elements within fine art that relate to the professional field, the role of the artist and the impact of original creative work in society. 
  • Understands where visual art overlaps with other forms of art and professional fields.


The student can apply the methods and approaches of the field of art. This implies that the student:

  • Can apply appropriate methods, equipment and software in the resolution of projects in the field of fine art.
  • Can take advantage of information technology in an appropriate manner. 
  • Can equally apply insight and critical methods in the analysis of subjects in visual art. 
  • Can independently assess and support his/her decisions on the professional grounds of visual art. 
  • Has acquired a broad mindset, originality, and daring in artistic thinking and creativity. 
  • Demonstrates a critical approach towards his/her own creative process and that of others. 


The student can apply his/her knowledge and skills to work and/or further study. This implies that the student: 

  • Has developed the ability and responsible working methods needed for further study and/or work within the professional field.
  • Can work independently, set objectives, make and pursue a plan of action to the production of completed work.
  • Can take active part in collaborative work and lead project teams. 
  • Is able to clearly communicate his/her own work, subjects and research results.
  • Is able to discuss his/her own work and that of others in a clear manner, both orally and in written form. 
  • Understands the effects of presentational forms on the content and meaning of visual art.
  • Is able to assess the contribution and value of original creative work to society.
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