Performing Arts

Contemporary Dance Practices BA

2019 - 2020


Study Structure

1. yr Autumn 
AD0002S / 2 ECTS
TECHI0010S / 10 ECTS
Creative Process I
CREP1010S / 10 ECTS
Dance & Theory I
DATHI0085 / 8 ECTS
1. yr Spring 
Elective Course
Technique II
Creative Process II
The Sustainability
of the Artist


Learning outcomes


The student possesses knowledge within the field of contemporary dance practice. This implies that the student:

  • is able to account for and discuss the most current trends and influences within contemporary dance and the performing arts, and the premises they are based on,
  • is able to explain and discuss contemporary dance and its current state,
  • can define and discuss the possibilities and limitations of contemporary dance, as well as its common ground with other artistic and cultural fields,
  • can use and discuss the potential of using his/her own body as a vehicle for creating art,
  • can explain, discuss and use choreographic approaches, methods and resolutions,
  • has developed independancy and adopted sustainable approaches with in the field of contemporary dance,
  • can account for the importance of consistent practice within the field of contemporary dance,
  • has knowledge of the contemporary dance’s working environment,
  • knows and is able to apply the basic elements of search and information technology.


The student is able to use the methods and procedures of contemporary dance practice. This implies that the student:

  • has adopted the methods and techniques of contemporary dance,
  • explain and discuss the varied stylistic approaches of contemporary dance and is able to apply these to his/her performance,
  • can provide scholarly and artistic arguments to support his/her opinions and decisions,
  • has cultivated his/her imagination to achieve creative independence in his/her artistic practice, and has adopted professional working methods and bold resolutions,
  • has developed a broad and innovative intellectual mindset,
  • is able to independently assess methods used in contemporary dance,
  • can bring a critical approach to the analysis of tasks,
  • has adopted a critical perspective on his/her own work and that of others,
  • identifies the need for information and has the skill to gather it, assess its value and utilize appropriately,
  • use contemporary dance ́s technology and equipment.


The student is able to utilise her/his knowledge and proficiency for work and/or for further studies. This implies that the student:

  • is able to bring his/her knowledge and comprehension to the creation of artwork within the field of contemporary dance,
  • is able to present an artistic idea, develop it, and complete a fully realized work, and communicate this to an audience,
  • brings skill and endurance to live art performance,
  • is able to combine technique, expression and creativity in live art performance,
  • can participate actively in artistic collaboration on varying levels and from different perspectives,
  • is able to participate in group work on equal grounds, consider different perspectives, and respectfully listen to others,
  • is able to clearly express and convey his/her ideas, projects and conclusions, both in written and oral form,
  • is able to work independently and methodologically, set objectives, make project outlines and carry to completion,
  • has cultivated self-discipline and independent working methods that apply to further studies and professional activities,
  • is able to use performance art to effectively communicate his/her vision to an audience,
  • is able to apply theoretical knowledge in artistic work.


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