The art of expression  

What opportunities lie in the widespread implementation of art therapy methods in creative work with children?

This dissertation will address the importance of creativity for children's emotional and mental development.
The following research question: What opportunities lie in the wider implementation of art therapy methods in creative work with children? will be answered.
The main content of the dissertation is an emphasis on art therapy and a thorough examination of children's pictorial expression. Emphasis is placed on the ideology of art teachers, art therapists and children's schema will be explained, as well as emphasis on creativity, emotional development and The Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC). A diary was kept in a case study with a young boy in the capital area.
The boy worked on artistic creation for eight weeks and then the artworks, along with discussions, interviews with parents and academic material were used to reach the final conclusion;
Engaging in artistic creation, no matter what its nature, increases the ability to solve various problems that arise.
It promotes flexibility in thinking which shows us that there is more than one solution to problems.
Art creation can thus give children the opportunity to express themselves in a different and deeper way than before, as it opens up, as previously stated, children's minds and makes them better able to read and live with their own feelings.
Sól Hilmarsdóttir 
sol.hilmars [at] 
20 ECTS 
Advisors: Ingimar Ólafsson Waage og Íris Ingvarsdóttir