Finding your way through art


My final project Finding your way through art is about educational games, enviromental studies and intergration of multiple studies.
I created a „Treasure hunt“ game for smartphones where the aim is to find all the sculptures on Víðistaðatún and solve puzzles. My hope is for this game to be part of the curriculum in the schools in Hafnarfjörður in the future. This essay is divided into two parts. In the first part I write about the theoritical backround of the seminar Finding your way through art and the treasure hunt game. In the second part I describe my visit to Engidalsskóli where I got an oppurtunity to teach the seminars with children in 7. bekkur.
The aim of Finding your way through art is to create a project that shows how important and fun it is to intergrate different kind of studies. I also wanted to make a project about the things that I find most interesting in teaching – outdoor studies, working in groups and creativity. My dream is that my project can inspire different teacher to step into the creative process and the artistic realm.
My experiments with the project have at least convinced me of the merits of learning outside and playing and having fun. Finally I find it sad that there exists no teaching material about the remarkable International Sculpture Garden in Víðistaðatún and my project Finding your way through art can hopefully fill that void.


Mynd: Owen Fiene


Símon Örn Birgisson
Advisor: Vigdís Gunnarsdóttir