"Never too late"
What is the attitude of piano teachers and adult beginners to studying piano playing?

I have almost 40 years of experience from the music school system. First as a piano student and later as a piano teacher and singing student.
Studying music has been very important to me as an individual and I will never forget how fascinated I was when I first „tapped the piano“. I have a great passion for sharing music with others, both in the form of performance and in teaching. It can be said that I have largely dedicated my life to this passion.
I believe that music is for everyone and I want as many people as possible, regardless of age or social background, to have the opportunity to experience the magic of music.
Many adults have come to me over the years and asked me if it was too late for them to start piano lessons. They express a great interest in learning to play the piano and believe that it could give them more fulfilling life. With higher life expectancy of the nation and expectations of a better and richer life for older people, it could be of great benefit if music and learning to play an instrument would be an option for all adults. 
The study is an interview study that examines both the attitudes of piano teachers towards adult beginners in piano playing as well as the attitudes of the latter towards the study, implementation, criteria and expectations for teaching an learning. It is important for future development of music education to be aware of the expectations of adult students. 
Sigríður Freyja Ingimarsdóttir
sigridurfreyja1808 [at] gmail.com
Instructor: Elín Anna Ísaksdóttir