In my art, I enjoy working with plastic, an imperishable material. The plastic materials are locally available in the form of waste. I start working immediately after collecting all the needed plastic material. The sight of the imperishable material collapsing and deforming due to heat and the total transformation reminds me of nature. The plastic assumes a new form and shape to serve another purpose. I control this process as I watch the plastic material melt from a solid into a liquid substance. This must continue in order for me to obtain the desired product. Again it allows me to investigate the connection between the natural and the unnatural in a material as toxic as plastic.
Everything in this world comes and goes in it’s own time. However, humans tend to look at things in retrospect. Humanity usually holds onto old traditions like Punk-retro-vintage clothing, neon colored clothing, fishnet T-shirts, and elegant style. 
Art shows similarities to our experiences in society as it moves in circles. Technique and methods seem to progress from one generation to the next but artistic movements do not exhibit significant changes.
One of the best ways to attain one’s goal is to try something new. A change allows one to discover something new in the process. It is essential to take a good look at oneself and search within for a holistic approach, useful in evoking one’s artwork.
Humans pollute the environment with all kinds of toxic and unnatural materials such as plastic that is imperishable and will take at least 1500 years to break down. The process of melting plastic initiates an internal dialogue with my conscience, thus contemplating reducing pollution by recycling its use.