Hidden people 

Glass, plexiglass, paper, wood 

The elf lady Helga Hulda Hafdís came to me in a dream. She thanked me for the support I granted her during birth by whispering something in her ear. When I woke up, I had a message from the National Museum with a picture of an elf woman cloth from Bustarfell. The cloth had been gifted to a district commissioner’s wife by an elf lady after supporting her during childbirth. 

How could such a coincidence occur?  

How many things about existence do we actually understand, including how our own mind works? How did this elf woman enter my dreams? 

Through the years, Hidden people have taught us certain manners, such as being kind to those who are less fortunate and respecting the Earth and forces of nature. 

Hidden people are part of the intangible and mysterious and there is no real proof they actually exists. 

The artwork is based on the Elf woman cloth from Bustarfell. We can perhaps mirror ourselves in it and maybe, if we look closely, we can see the elf in ourselves. Let alone if we put on the elf hat.