Rainbow punk- musical workshop 

I facilitated a workshop in music for girls and queer kids. I have been working with Stelpur rokka! (Girls rock!) and was drawn to their ideaology and the positive energy that surronds their work. That‘s why it seemed like an attractive option to dedicate the project to empowering girls and non-cis kids in the field of music.
In this workshop the students got an opportunity to take some space, make some noise ond feel empowered. Ecuipped with cooperation they, with my assistance, created and produced music.
They controlled their own direction in the process of creation. All I did was giving them instruments, in a wide understanding of the word and hopefully they can make use of them in other projects that they take on in the future.
I hope that the workshop can be a milestone in the journey of making the field of music more friendly for females and non cis persons. I also hope that the students might discover some hidden talent they have, learned about instruments that they didn‘t know much about and musicians that they didn‘t know before.
But above all, I hope that it was fun and a good experience that they might want to repeat some time.
Rúna Vala Þorgrímsdóttir
runavala [at] gmail.com
Advisor: Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir