Research & Innovation

The aim of the Research Service Center is to enhance research at the Academy and to encourage the production of knowledge in the fields of art and design.
The Research Service Center provides information of research funding in the fields of art and design, consultancy to students and staff, and guides applicants in writing research proposals.
An important aim of the Center is to strategically find opportunites for new research projects and build dynamic and enterprising relationships with other institutions and business.


A strong research environment is a necessary prerequisite to the generation of knowledge in a community. Universities play a key role in shaping and developing research environments, as it is one of the fundamental duties of each higher education institution to conduct research in its respective field. The Iceland Academy of the Arts is the only higher education institution in Iceland that has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in the discipline Arts. It is therefore the duty of the IAA to carry out research in the arts, not only in art theory, which has been the main focus of research in the discipline for a long time, but more particularly through artistic research.

Artistic has been a growing force in the production of knowledge worldwide in recent decades. Such research draws on methods used in artistic practice, and the output of the research is disseminated through various artistic media. Thus artistic research employs the experience, understanding and training that only practicing artists possess, for the purpose of creating new knowledge. Such research can only take place through the close association of practice and theory, which, within the university community, is only found in an arts academy.

Therefore the goal of the Iceland Academy of the Arts is to create a strong research platform for the arts in Iceland, and to become a leader in that field

To achieve that goal, the IAA emphasises:

  • the establishment of an attractive, open research environment within the academy
  • supporting the dissemination of research output conducted under the auspices of the academy and by academic staff
  • strengthening research-based study programmes at the academy
  • developing research methodologies in the realm of artistic research
  • forging and strengthening collaborations in research projects

Through dynamic research in the arts, the IAA seeks to increase knowledge in the arts and of their role in the community, facilitate diversity and innovative practice within the arts, search for new methods in artistic practice, and strengthen the role of the arts in the production of knowledge within the community.

A support document for the IAA’s research agenda has been developed for its implementation. The document can be accessed here.