Rannveig Jónsdóttir
BA Fine Art 2017

The ship went down during midsummer. The weather was nice—a slow northerly wind and low wave height. Was it an undercurrent? Reason brings us resolutions, however, the rift between life and death always persists. The everyday reveals its undercurrents. Our lives might be mundane and conventional, yet tension is omnipresent. The volatile nature of existence makes us grasp for safety.

Within the context of these ideas, ’a slow northerly wind and low wave height’ becomes a powerful sentence. The sentence symbolizes how we do our best to cope with the undercurrent and the volatility that it brings us. We keep going and accept that life can turn upside down at any given moment.

A wave forecast and wind map from that midsummer day was converted into accordion sheet music. The musician interprets the notation and transforms it into the heterogeneous sounds of weather, the ocean and the human spirit. The music encircles the viewer as thick round glass plates hang stacked from a wire. Tension and material force race through the space, in search for a safe place—gentle yet violent, just like life.