To access the IUA specialized subscriptions off-campus, you need to set up a proxy: 

We recommend using the Firefox browser only for accessing the databases.
Firefox browser has the ability to have proxy settings only for that browser otherwise you have to turn proxy settings on and off because the proxy only allows connections to the databases the Library has subscriptions to.

  1. Open Firefox (install Firefox if it is not on your computer)
  2. Open Firefox/Preferences (⌘+,)
  3. At the bottom of the page you will find Proxy settings.
  4. Use the settings as they are in the photo below.
  5. The next time you open Firefox you will be prompted for username and password. Remember to save password.

Further assistance: hjalp [at] 



The IUA specialized subscriptions:

IPA Source

IPA Transcriptions and Literal Translation of Songs and Arias. Contains more than 5000 transcriptions. 


An interdisciplinary database. Contains lots of information about music.


ProQuest specialized IUA subscriptions:

Performing Arts Periodicals Database 

(Former: International Index to Performing Arts)