Programme Director Note

The programme is based on the various needs of the artistic and cultural scene and of the community as a whole. It is conceived as an avenue for versatile, creative musicians who wish to use their musical abilities to give to others, help others to develop their musical talents, and participate in wide-ranging musical creation and performance. The department offers a three-year programme of study leading to a bachelor’s degree (BA).

The programme is based on training in instrumental and/or vocal performance of both rhythmic music and classical and contemporary music. The course of study is structured so as to be useful to those with a wide range of abilities, interests, and experience and to train them in any type of communication and creation. Some students in the programme have also studied composition and orchestral or choral conducting. Ensemble playing and singing, musical creation in a group, and creative music workshops based on cooperation with schools and other institutions play a large role in the programme.

Emphasis is placed on sound general musical knowledge, with the aim of equipping students as well as possible to participate various kinds of musical activity and communication in a constantly changing society that makes increasingly diverse demands on artists to help various groups to think creatively – a society that calls on a new generation of strong musicians who, to an ever-increasing degree, will work equally as performers, creators, teachers, and communicators of various types.

Gunnar Benediktsson